Instructions for WENNBERG Magnetic Eyelashes

  1. Take off the lashes from the magnetic storage box and gently grasp the ends of both lashes. Fully bend the eyelash strap to keep it beautifully curved. The strap loosens and is ready for an easy installation.
  2. Put mascara to your own eyelashes. Spread the color accurately on the outside and inside corners to make the lash strap easier to install. Push the strap to the right place in your lashes and attach the lashes with the middle magnet.
  3. The magnets are taken to the eye in straight line so that it does not pull out the lash strap. The magnet is brought close to the lower lid, and when the magnet is in the correct position, it is lifted up towards the counterpart. The closer you get to the eye, the more likely you get the magnets to stick to each other so that there is no gap between the lid and the strap.
  4. Attach the outer corner. You can use the finger of another hand to lift the crease to see the attachment point better.
  5. Attach the inner corner. Help with your finger or tweezers to get the strap to the right place.
  6. Enjoy your beautiful and durable lashes 🤗 Do not sleep with the lashes!
  7. Magnetic eyelashes are removed from the eyes every night by taking a magnetic spike between the thumb and forefinger and sliding off the lower part with the thumb. Repeat this carefully for all magnets.
  8. Wash the lashes with a cleanser made for magnetic eyelashes. Put warm water and some cleanser into the container. Gently roll the lashes with your finger in the cleanser and water. Rinse in another container with water only. Place the lashes to dry in a straight line on a paper or kitchen towel. Brush dry before re-use.
  9. If you the lashes are properly maintained, you will enjoy your lashes more than 100 uses! Magnetic lashes can be bought here!