WENNBERG Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are the latest trend in the field of beauty products! No glue is used to install eyelashes and they are very comfortable, soft and completely safe to use. Eyelashes are made of the finest Korean silk fiber that can be found in the world. The magnets are tiny and very strong. The fibers are attached by hand to the eyelash strap and they remain firmly attached. Eyelashes are definitely “Cruelty Free” and hand-made from start to finish. And best of all, there is no need for a professional installer, but when you buy a pair of eyelashes, a professional salesperson will instruct you to install the lashes by yourself and tell you how to properly maintain the lashes. Eyelashes are always removed overnight and cleaned for the next use, with over 100 uses when properly treated!

Read the instructions for using the magnetic eyelashes here!

WENNBERG brand has ten different models:

Natural 1,8 (cm)
Cat 1,8
Fluffy 1.8
Natural 2,8 (cm)
Cat 2,8
Short’n Thick
Short’n Light

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We also have lashes with different lengths of yarn, with options for both longer and shorter eyelids.