1. General information
Wennberg is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. With this privacy statement, we inform customers about the processing of their personal information by Wennberg’s employees who are trained to use the information safely and ethically. Each employee can see customer information only when it is necessary to perform the job.
2. Registrar and contact person
The controller of the personal data to be processed is:
Kauppakatu 12, 70100 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. + 358504394620
Business-ID 2324625-7
The contact person for the register issues is:
Heidi Wennberg
Kauppakatu 12, 70100 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. 358504394620
3. Registry Name
Wennberg Customer Register including; Wennberg e-commerce customers
4. Purpose of the processing of personal data
The purpose of the register is to manage customer relations, to communicate with customers and to market.
5. Register Data Content
Register contains Customer Identification Information:
Name, contact information, and any other information provided by the customer, such as consent to electronic marketing. In addition, the register stores information about the products ordered by the customer, as well as their delivery and invoicing.
6. Regular Data Sources
Registration customer information is obtained when a customer relationship is created or possibly continued.
7. Regular Disclosure of Data
We can disclose customer information to third parties to ensure order delivery and marketing. The information is also communicated to the credit granting party in connection with a possible credit agreement. Data will not be disclosed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.
8. Registry Security Principles
The registry file and its processing are protected by user IDs, passwords, firewalls and other administrative and technical security measures.
9. Right of Inspection and Right to Require Correction of Information
According to the Personal Data Act, a data subject is entitled to inspect him / her by contacting our customer service so that the request is sufficiently identified. The data subject may similarly request the correction or updating of data concerning him.