Our smooth, ultra-lightweight and silky soft fans make the work of every lash professional easier! They improve cash flow and ergonomics and increase customer satisfaction.
Your work with eyelashes is fast and you can always rely on the cleanliness of your work while working with our pre-made fans. Although your company also employs other eyelash technicians, the customer can always rely on the quality and level of work done in your shop, regardless of the eyelash technician. Fans are always the same and create a beautiful and tidy lash pattern for every customer.
Working is easy in many ways, because the fans can be easily positioned in the right position to the lash thanks to their lightness and design. Installing the extensions is no longer difficult, the fans stay in the pile, do not rotate with the natural lashes, and stick with our glue immediately.
The fibers used in our fans are the finest Korean silk fiber that is found in the world. That’s why our lashes are very safe to use and do not damage your lashes when you choose the right fan size for your customers’ needs. We have fans of 3D-10D (fiber in the fan), 0.07mm and 0.05mm fiber sizes, from 7 to 16 millimeters.
We always help our customers to find the right size for the right need and, if necessary, we organize [VIUHKA] ® Work Shops for professionals.
We always help and advise you to use our products!